This is SKYFansubs Indonesia, where you can find high quality Indonesian TV shows subbed in English!

Also, follow us on @skyfansubs for latest news and updates!


14 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Sorry for the inconvenient. First I want to say that you make a great job subbing this series. Please, can you repupload episodes 3, 4 and 11?
    I know that you a busy person, but if you can help I appreciate. Thanks.

  2. thank for uploading each episode, my son very very happy watch this video, may I have episode 21 download link brader??…thanks b4…

  3. Excuse me, may I ask a question that where you can get raw for Bima season 1. I need to subbing for anyone love tokusatsu in my country this great series 🙂 Please tell me your source.

  4. @Skyfansubs, Please you can put English subtitles and video separately all series of the first and second seasons Bima Satria Garuda? I am a representative of a Russian fansub community and we would very much like to translate this series, the subtitles in the ass. and videos in mkv. we will greatly help in this matter!

Any comment? :)

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