Satria Series S2 Rumors

These are some rumors spreading on the Internet the last few days regarding the fate of Satria Series season 2:

  • Season 2 will consist of 52 episodes, and will start filming on March 2014.
  • It will be aired on June or September 2014.
  • During which, RCTI will air Season 1 rerun.
  • Also during hiatus, there will be live road shows of Bima Satria Garuda, mainly in Indonesian cities.

So, do you have any ideas or wishes what Season 2 should look like, or how the plot should unfold? Comment below!


11 thoughts on “Satria Series S2 Rumors

  1. What a good news! I personally wish there will be a new Satria Hero and the series give Indonesian actors/actresses cameos so that Satria Series can gain more popularity among non-tokusatsu fans 🙂 Hopefully

  2. well my deepest wish is Bima has his own vehicle when he is transformed. suzuki has already this tokusatsu, but why they only provide a motorcycle for ray and not for Bima too? recalling suzuki was also kamen rider black main vehicles sponsor, it makes me thrilling.

  3. will be surprise if kamen riders from universe come, when Bima is dying, National force is collapse, and there is no more hope for earth and human

  4. I hope that Satria Series actors will act more lively, sorry to said that they seen to be less “come into” the character they are acting for.

  5. My Inputs :
    1. Get the Satria some vehicle, a cool customizable motorbike with a great genuine memorable name, I think.
    2. Introduce some tough villains with many touches of the local originality (e.g. names, weapons, techniques, power), not just the usual forgettable monsters, so perhaps at least the kids may know/identify/learn their own culture.
    3. New theme song
    4. More story developments for the main characters. A new interesting character played by a recognizable actor/actress for every story. No more dry unfunny joke lines/scripts.
    5. Prepare a new big “remained secret till the finale” information but unfolded bit by bit in every story, to twist/ surprise/attract/keep the viewers
    6. The Plot : The new archvillain (is it Black Priest?) still tried to overtake the Earth (which starts from Indonesia, i guess) but with another whole new way. He made a grand appearance and beat the Satria brutally in the beginning of the season. Then he established a mobile location as his base, marked all the areas (cities) he wanted to attack and swore to completely to wipe out all human being in every area by sending incursions of monsters periodically.
    The protagonist had a new aid (somekind of equipment which give him the ability to teleport to another place. So by that, he’d fight monsters to save a particular area (i.e. city) till he’d finally face the boss again.
    (Maybe a different big city all over the country to save for every story…? it’d cost more budget but i’d like to see it.)
    __(◣_◢)/ “Berubah”

Any comment? :)

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