Satria Garuda Bima X Episode 01 English subtitle (DOWNLOAD)


Solidfiles (Part 1 | Part 2 | Single link)

No streaming for this season. We want to encourage you to watch Bima live every Sunday at 8 AM (GMT+7)


16 thoughts on “Satria Garuda Bima X Episode 01 English subtitle (DOWNLOAD)

  1. Hi, i already downloaded the first video on Mediafire (it’s dead already on FileDrive) using IDM and it got stuck in the middle and i tried to refresh it and it’s solved. But, the movie has no sound at all, only the man on the background repeatedly saying “Tetapi Pertarungan Belumlah Berakhir”. Is it only error on my file or can you reupload somehwere else? GoogleDrive or Uptobox maybe? Thank you.

    • Well, firedrive link is still alive and well 🙂 We’ve tested the mediafire one and it’s alright, maybe your file is corrupted, since the download was interrupted. You should redownload.

      Our choice of file hosting are based on reliability (google drive is not very reliable, it can’t handle too many people downloading at once; uptobox has time-limited storage) and storage size (all three of our file hosting choices have plenty of storage to upload a whole season).
      So, for the time being, we’ll only upload to solidfiles, firedrive, and mediafire. Any other links are not ours.

    • Hi,please check your file to any video converter(double click to play video) coz i have same issue but finally i know that file is not corrupted.You can play the file on android with mx player without any problem.Thanks

      • When the playback issue happened (no audio), did you play it on PC or another device? What player did you use (Windows Media Player, VLC, GOM, etc.)?
        If it plays fine on MX player, maybe my conversion program has some serious compatibility issue. Please reply if convenient, to improve our future releases.

  2. i have the same issue. i redownload like 4 times already and i don’t get any audio. the first few mins has sound but in middle of the narrator speaking, the audio suddenly disappear.

      • That’s extremely weird, because we’ve tried several times for all links using different Internet connections and the files turned out to be fine (no skipping issues, no audio issues).
        For solidfiles, because the files are split into 2 parts, make sure you’ve downloaded both files before extracting them.

    • What player did you use for watching? As some people had this trouble and some don’t, we suspect it has something to do with the audio format not compatible with some media players.
      We’ve checked using potPlayer and GOM, and it plays fine. For the mean time, please use those two players to watch our current release without problems. We’ll definitely check the problems out for next releases.

  3. From what I see, it looks like the cause of problem is audio format AC-3 you’re using for encode..
    It would be good if you use Nero AAC with M4A file extension for encode. So it can be played for all media player.
    And it would be good also if you consider for the next release change video encode setting to:

    Automated 2-pass with bitrate 1200-1500
    Reference frame 8
    ME Multi Hex
    Sub ME 9-10
    Me Range 24
    Psy-RD Strength 0.00
    colorprim bt709
    transfer bt709
    colormatrix bt709
    If you put it into script it would be like this:
    –tune film –pass 2 –bitrate 1500 –stats “.stats” –b-adapt 2 –ref 8 –qpmin 10 –qpmax 51 –rc-lookahead 50 –merange 24 –me umh –direct auto –subme 9 –partitions all –trellis 2 –psy-rd 0.00:0.00 –colorprim bt709 –transfer bt709 –colormatrix bt709

    If you change video encode setting like that, the quality video would be better.
    That’s all suggestions from me. Thanks for you attention.
    And thank you for the releases 🙂

    • Awesome technical reference 🙂

      For episode 02, we’re trying to use AVC with MP3 audio (just like the special), hopefully there will be no trouble in playback, as MP3 is a really universal audio format.

  4. hey, please re-upload eps 1 with fixed audio issue… I watch it using VLC media player and the audio disappear at 00.36


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